Why choose me

Nancy’s ultimate goal, as a caring parent, successful entrepreneur and advocate of the community, is to make a difference in the lives of those around her. With five children, her role as a devoted mother came naturally, as did her desire to become involved with her childrens numerous school events & fundraisers. However, the time she spent the teachers and students simply inspired her to visualize how she could accomplish more. From there, her dedication to helping children & families skyrocketed, and her commitment became a force in the community. In fact, Nancy’s volunteer efforts are now global. As a member of the Dartmouth Rotary Club, she not only helps the local boys & girls school breakfast program and other community projects, but has embarked on an exciting outreach project in Africa, in the small village of Youga. The Rotary Club has helped put together a plan to support about 5000 residents with a comprehensive approach to improve water management, healthcare, literacy, education and hunger issues.

Nancy’s passion for enhancing the lives and making a difference carries over into her career, and she’s become a visionary in HRM real estate. She thrives on helping her clients explore all their options. Nancy’s background in construction and skill in interior decorating are a significant advantage to her clients. An expert in the real estate industry since 1990. Nancy wants to put her experience to work for you. If you are looking to buy or invest in a home, she has the uncanny ability to look beyond the obvious and see the potential behind any property. if you are selling your propery, she uses her keen eye for detail, innate staging skills and creative marketing plans to showcase your home to sell it for top dollar, maximizing your investment.

From consultation to closing, Nancy is focused on identifying your individual needs to get the results you want and deserve. She has A Vision for your Success and can’t wait to share it with you. Call her today and schedule a consultation to discuss all the possibilities.

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