As retirees, my husband and I have set our minds to settle in Nova Scotia coming from Toronto.  We couldn’t be happier when our son recommended Nancy to us as he was also Nancy’s client as a first time buyer.  The moment we met Nancy,  we felt so much at ease right away as she was completely accommodating to our so many inquiries and enthusiasm to buy a house in Halifax.  However, our stay in Halifax were only short-lived due to obligations back in Toronto and we could only stay for a week to do our house-search.  We had to continue our house-search through virtual walk-throughs by Nancy but she did not disappoint us.  We felt like we were there with her physically because of how much she went into detail walking us through houses which we asked her to check.  Her patience, her technical knowledge and professionalism never wavered.  Even at odd times, Nancy always had answers to our questions.  I felt that she thoroughly understood our anxiety and at times panic-stricken moments but she always reminded us not to make rush decisions.  She repeatedly advised us to choose our house that will make us happy all throughout our retirement years.  In just under 3 weeks, we finally found our dream home and all thanks to our vibrant and super-energetic Representative.

We will never hesitate to recommend Nancy to our friends who will look to buying or selling their houses in the future. We are so grateful and proud that we were taken cared of by our Representative and friend.

Rose and Steve

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